The Best Australian Brands To Shop

The Best Australian Brands To Shop
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Down under? Yup. Under the radar? Not so much. Australian brands have been taking over the contemporary fashion industry for quite some time now whether you realize it or not. Instead of incorporating trends into their designs they seem to set them through their lifestyles which the featured brands here are based off of. When you think of Australia chances are you think of gorgeous beaches, effortless lifestyles, kangaroos, & so much more. That effortless lifestyle is exactly what their style consists of. Whether it's high end or street style, Australian brands have incorporated a level of comfort into their designs that make wearing any of their pieces seem effortless. As if their designs weren't gorgeous enough this comfort factor makes us jump with joy. For a country who is a frontrunner in fashion now-a-days, it's pretty impressive that they manage to make us feel and look good at the same time.

If you’ve ever wanted a wardrobe consisting of all your favorite Pinterest looks, chances are you should start shopping Australian labels. From high end to fast fashion & everything in between, the Australians have truly mastered the art of fashionable every day wear. While we wish we could hop on a plane to shop our favorite designers looks in person a flight from Chicago to Australia doesn't seem entirely reasonable for the sake of shopping. Or does it?! Thankfully, due to this little thing we call the World Wide Web we're able to shop our favorite brands from another country at the click of a button. While you may think shipping costs are outrageous, we've noticed they're actually very reasonable given shipping from one country to another! Luckily for us, a lot of these brands have been picked up by US (& other counties) run sites so shipping is sometimes even free! What could get better than that?!

Shop This Story: black shorts | denim shorts (black version | distressed version) | sunglasses | jumpsuit | dress | swimsuit

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